With an eye and ear for perfection when it comes to the saxophone, the gifted artist KENNY NIGHTINGALE is the protagonist of his own craft.

Kenny Nightingale has for quite some time confirmed his ingenuity through his angelic sounds with a unique blend from all parts of the world. His performances are a brand unmatched that have helped him rise to the epitome of the versatile instrument and turned him into an inspiration for many upcoming saxophonists. His brand extends deeper into his character which has sharpened him for this lucrative music industry and commissioned him to do this every day.


“Never give up on you even when everyone has” – Kenny Nightingale


A smooth jazz and R&B recording artist based in the United States of America, Kenny Nightingale was originally born on the west side of the Motherland in Lagos, Nigeria. His musical prowess draws back to earlier times when he was only eight years. Growing up in a musically inclined family, the prodigy grew up watching his father perform to the sound of different instruments. His father usually took him along for a couple of shows when he noticed his interest in the craft. He later taught him how to play the saxophone and percussion. While growing up, Nightingale had affluent interests in artists such as; Grover Washington Jr., Jonathan Butler, Slash, John Coltrane, Kenny G, Jimmy Hendricks, and Dave Koz just to name a few among others. Ever since he made his debut in the art of the saxophone, he has carried on with intention and a longing to do music with some of his influences. This has influenced his creativity greatly, creating music that has elevated him to a position where he is now admired by many for his agility.


With so much stimulus, Kenny Nightingale has cemented his brilliance and originality with his sound that includes a fusion of gospel and contemporary beats. As a songwriter, he makes music that originates from deep within and bears the taste of a star. His production is unique in such a way that he tries to make his music a replication of his own self and how he feels. Much of his musical ideas stem across continents as far as the motherland (Africa) to the western world just to create a groove with a sound so different from many performers in the same niche. This originality has helped Nightingale to create a vast discography comprising music in the genres of jazz, smooth jazz, world beats, rhythm, and blues. To this day, the recording artist boasts about his creations and believes that everything is going in the right direction for him musically.


Kenny Nightingale has remained strong and sturdy in the direction of music. His discography features singles, including; Breathe (2020), Mystery Woman (2020), New Day (2019), Just as I Am (2019), Coltrane To Montgomery (2020), and his latest release “My Saxophone (2022)” – the list continues. These singles and many others are a depiction of Nightingale’s unrivalled talent. His single “Coltrane To Montgomery,” performed together with Sankey Bullet and Michael Osadolo became his first-ever major smooth jazz radio single. This single rose in charts with its soothing melodies and became a smash hit awarded #24 on the top 100 jazz songs on the Global Smooth Jazz chart (

The same single made #11 on the smooth jazz network billboard charts.

One of Nightingale’s best moments since he started his journey as a saxophonist was back in 2016 when he got a call that one of his tracks “Gospel Got Jazz” had been nominated for The Gospel Choice Awards under the category of Best Instrumental. Very humbled and proud of his work, the US-based artist couldn’t even afford to pay for a hotel room at that point in his life.

“When I landed in Oklahoma City from the airport to the studio to finalize my mixing and mastering of that track “Gospel Got Jazz”. I had to stay up awake all night till the next morning for studio time. Today when I look back in time, I am gracious for brighter days ahead.”

 – Kenny Nightingale


Today, Kenny Nightingale is a multi-nominated and Billboard name that has been recognized by major Jazz blogs and media outlets. His other single titled “Hello,” originally written by the legendary Lionel Richie and adapted to a salsa-Latin Jazz rhythm made it to the smooth jazz network billboard charts in 2021. This single was released on August 13th 2021, a date very significant to Nightingale.

Passionate and dedicated to creating some of the greatest jazz pieces the world has ever heard of, Kenny Nightingale released his latest single dubbed “My Saxophone,” an inspiration stemming from the greatest instrument he believes that exists in his life. The saxophone is his favorite among all other instruments on his belt. His new single is a depiction of what he intends to say whenever he mentions the saxophone. The new song is undoubtedly going to turn into a smash hit and become the next chart-topper this year.

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Check out his latest single “My Saxophone” on all music platforms and feel the power that lies within.


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