Ingram Street

January 10, 2023 - 08:00 PM - 465 views

Ingram Street: A Soulful Duo Making Waves in the Music Industry

If you're a fan of laid-back soul music, then you'll definitely want to check out Ingram Street, a musical duo made up of two brothers from Columbus, Ohio. Minquel and Woody got their start in the music industry by performing in talent shows for their family, and since then, they have formed various vocal groups and downsized to the duo they are today.

Ingram Street's sound is heavily influenced by artists such as Maxwell, Debarge, and The Jacksons, and they have released several albums to date, including their latest, "Escapism," which features popular songs like "Natural High" and "Euphoria." The brothers divide responsibilities equally, from the artistic to the business side of things, and they have a strong passion for creating and performing music that connects with their audience.

In addition to performing their own music, Ingram Street has had the opportunity to perform with one of their musical influences, Mr. Phillip Ingram. The duo is excited to release their new remix album "Streetlights" in April, followed by more shows and an EP release of all new songs by the end of the year.

But what's the meaning behind their hit song "Natural High?" According to the brothers, it's a true love song about the feeling you get when you're with someone you're attracted to, and the vibes you get when you're around them, just being in their presence. The song has a laid-back soul vibe that showcases their influences and musical style.

When it comes to dividing responsibilities as a band, Minquel and Woody split it down the middle, pretty much 50/50, from artistic to business-related tasks. And when they perform in front of a live audience, they love connecting with the audience through their music and feeling the amazing energy in the room.

One of their most memorable moments as a band was being able to do a virtual concert with one of their musical influences, Mr. Phillip Ingram. But despite their successes, they remain humble and grateful for the support of their family and fans.

So, what's next for Ingram Street? Their new remix album "Streetlights" will be released in April and will include "Natural High," followed by more shows and an EP release of all new songs by the end of the year. Their ultimate goal is to do their music full-time, and with their talent and passion, it's only a matter of time before they achieve that dream.

If you want to keep up with Ingram Street and their upcoming events, be sure to visit their website at Don't miss out on this soulful duo as they continue to make waves in the music industry.


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